Getting started with email marketing doesn’t need to be scary. Email is still one of the best marketing tools to this day. It’s cost-effective, and it just plain works. If you are a small or medium-sized business, it’s a simple and cost-effective way to grow your audience and profits.

Here are five reasons you should consider Email Marketing first for your business.

1. It performs better than Social Media.

Open rates & engagement that lead to eventual sales for Email Marketing are generally still above social media and outpace other forms of advertising. Your email list is usually customers that have already engaged with your brand or product, so they already have an awareness & affinity with you.

2. Learn more about your audience

The primary goal of building a profitable business is understanding who your audience is, and Email Marketing can provide you with valuable insights to help inform your future and current business decisions. 

Simple data you collect from your subscribers, like age, geographic & demographic information, can give you valuable insights to help maximise your marketing effort & tailor your strategy. 

3. Tailor your communications

After some time, and once you understand your customers, you can refine your email list and get targeted in your communications, which can help your business in many creative ways to achieve higher revenue.

Identify your “High Spenders” and send them specific offers. Discover who your “Brand evangelists” are and incentivise them to take a survey so you can get some deeper insights into your brand or product offering. 

The opportunities are only limited to creativity and what your business goal is once you cultivate and refine this audience.

4. Incentivise and then cultivate the relationship

A very low-cost start-up Marketing solution (with long-term gain) is to offer an incentive to email subscribers. Offer future subscribers a free, low-cost item or a discount coupon with an expiration date to encourage interaction with your brand. 

Open rates on sign-up emails are the highest; this is your opportunity to make an excellent first impression, gather more insights on your new subscriber and give them something to look forward to. Introduce your birthday offer or tell them about your newsletter and the awesome content or future offers they can expect to get. 

Set the expectation, then follow through. You have to earn trust, and a long relationship with your customer will ultimately follow.

5. Leverage Your Other Channels

With the highest open rates on emails, it’s the perfect opportunity to let your customers know about your other channels and what they can expect to find by following or visiting these platforms.

Have a new video you want to share? Great, tease it in your email but encourage them to click & watch it on your YouTube channel & sign up. 

Are you running a Social Media competition? Send it to your email list and encourage them to visit your Social Media channel & enter the competition via that channel to increase followers & engagement.

Before embarking on Email Marketing, ensure that your website is functioning and is well-designed, as this is the “digital home of your brand”. Likely, most of the locations you send your customers to from clicking on your emails will be on your website, so it should look professional.

Most consumers today are extremely digitally savvy, & having a poor website experience can quickly diminish any trust you have built with your customers to get them into your email list. A great website is also the easiest way to encourage new, organic subscribers to join your database and become future customers.

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